Dr. Gunaratnam meeting with Dr. Zhi Jiang Zang and Dr. Jit Cheong in Singapore to discuss future collaborations.

Dr. Gunaratnam in his younger days (don't forget your PPE!)

Dr. Gunaratnam with London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos

Dr Gunaratnam, Jasper, and Leo at the Kidney Disease kickboxing event

Dr. Gunaratnam with alumnus Rushi Gandhi

Axe throwing: Dr. Gunaratnam at the welcome event with fellows

Lab lunch at Milestones to celebrate CIHR grant! - May 25th, 2017

Dr. Gunaratnam as a celebrity model for KFOC charity event

Dr. Gunaratnam and Ji at ATC 2017

Dr. Gunaratnam, Dr. Ismail & XiaoJing at ASN 2016

Dr. O. Ismail and Dr. L. Gunaratnam at ASN 2016

Dinner at ASN 2016

More to come...